Trinity Hall Hirer's Risk Assessment Form

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Next Review Date:

Context: This risk assessment is being undertaken in preparation for hiring Trinity Hall, while it is necessary to make the hall COVID-19 secure. It has been completed in light of the latest Government guidance.

Please complete your risk assessment having read the hall’s Risk Assessment (what we will do to minimise risk) and Terms and Conditions.

Please identify any risks associated with your hire that are additional to those already addressed in the hall risk assessment.

Examples might include:

  •  if you need more than two people in the kitchen you need to set out how you will minimise risk of transmission between those individuals;
  • if you expect people to join and leave your activity during your hire, you need to set out how you will ensure there are only ever a maximum of 30 people in the building;
  • if you are serving food and/or drink, you need to set out how will you minimise the risk of transmission via the food/drink you serve;
  • if your participants will share equipment, you need to set out how that will that be kept clean; etc. Nature of Risk Risk Identified Action to take Notes