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At St Mary’s and Holy Trinity Church we are delighted to offer baptism services for babies, children, or adults, as appropriate. Baptism marks an exciting beginning in a person’s journey of faith, and is always a chance for celebrations. Before this, we invite candidates / their parents to embark on some thoughtful consideration of what it means to be baptised into the Christian faith and the promises that will be made.

If you are considering baptism for your child, here are some steps to start the process: Please contact the rector, Revd Julie Sear on 01892770436 or revjuliesear1@gmail.com.

You will be invited to attend some baptism preparation classes and we would encourage you if possible to come and enjoy being part of some of our services to get to know the church family.

This is important because at a baptism service, parents and godparents promise that they will help the child to grow up within the church family, so you need to have met us, and got to know us a bit, in order to make these promises. When we meet it gives us all an opportunity to think seriously about the baptismal promises and to ensure that you and the godparents feel able to make them. Godparents do need to have been baptised themselves if they are to take on the role of godparent.

Some families decide at this stage to have a thanksgiving service for their child, which enables the family to come to church to give thanks for the child, without having to make promises which they are unsure about. We can then decide to do this at a later date. Once we have met and talked the service and important promises through together, we then need to find a date for the baptism.