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Coleman’s Hatch, Shepherds Hill, Hartfield TN7 4HN


For the Benefice of Coleman’s Hatch and Hartfield admsmht@gmail.com

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Our Parish Share

Paying for our Churches

In the Diocese of Chichester the money which parishes give to the Diocese is known as Parish Share.

In the New Testament we hear how members of the earliest churches gave generously, each according to their ability, towards the work of the wider Christian community. In a similar way the Church of England today relies on the generosity of its members to fund its ministry and mission. Individuals give to their local church; the PCC makes a financial contribution to the Diocese; in turn the Diocese pays and houses our parish clergy and provides other services.

Parish share video

Parish Share enables the Diocese of Chichester to fund:

  • clergy stipends, NI and pension
  • clergy housing
  • training for clergy, ordinands and lay people
  • support services for parishes such as safeguarding services, buildings advice and much more.

In the Church of England we work together as a household of faith to ensure that there is a Christian presence in every community. This means we rely on the generosity of more affluent parishes to help fund ministry in less affluent places.

Approximately 20% of the Diocese’s income comes from investment funds, fees and grants. The rest comes from Parish Share. Approximately 80% of the Diocese’s expenditure is spent on the direct costs of resourcing ministry – the same proportion as income from parishes!

Our current Parish share 2022 is £37,081.