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Please book before you attend so we can keep track in case we need to get in touch.  Thank you in advance.

We are looking forward to welcoming you back in Church but please read the following guidelines on public worship.

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Doing Live Church Differently – Public Worship

While it is a cause for great rejoicing that we are able to offer public worship at St Mary’s and Holy Trinity once again, it comes with a risk to ourselves and others.  We have done all we can in both churches to ensure that we follow guidelines and keep one another safe, but the congregation must also take responsibility for themselves.  While the list below is lengthy, I hope it will help you to make the decision as to whether or not you feel ready to return to public worship.

1)  You should not attend public worship if you are clinically vulnerable, shielding, or are displaying Covid-19 symptoms.  The Govt advice for those aged 70 years or over remains the same:  ‘Individuals who fall within this group are advised to stay at home as much as possible and, if they do go out, to take particular care to minimise contact with others outside of their household.’  Please do not feel that you ‘should’ attend church.  The Bishop makes it quite clear that no-one should put themselves or others at risk.  We will continue to offer our YouTube services during this time of transition.

2)  When arriving, please could you adhere to the 2m distancing   outside and inside the Church.

 Holy Trinity: If the weather is poor, if you wish you may remain in your car where you will be notified when it is convenient to come into Church.

3)  You may wear a face mask and gloves if you wish.

4) We have been advised to open the doors for ventilation, so you may wish to bring an extra layer of clothing if it is chilly.

5)   On arrival you will be asked to hand sanitise on entering Church.

6)   You will be asked for your name and address, which will be kept for 21 days for the purpose of track and tracing.

7)  You will then be shown to your seat by a sidesperson, where we would ask you to remain until further notification.

8)   A service sheet will be placed on your chair when you arrive,  unfortunately the Church Bibles will not be available, you may bring your own Bible if you so wish.

9)   There will be no singing, but Hymns may be played.

10)  Children will be asked to remain with their families throughout  the service, no toys will be available.

11)  No Singing!

12)   Sidespeople will invite individuals to receive communion, to prevent the need for queuing.

13)   No-one ‘has to’ receive Holy Communion.

14)  This will be administered to you standing up, and you will receive the wafer only.

15)  You may like to bring your own hand sanitiser to use before receiving communion.

16)  I will hand sanitise and wear a face mask when offering the wafer, as it is not possible to maintain 2m. 

17)  At the end of the service, please could you remain in your seat until you are invited to leave by a sidesperson.

18)  A collection tray will be available for donations on your way out, please could we ask that donations are put in the Blue envelopes and placed in the collection tray, If you are a tax payer, please write your name on the envelope.

19)  On leaving Church, please could you once again sanitise your hands. 

20)  Unfortunately the toilet facilities will not be available for this  service and until further notice.

Read our Safeguarding Policies for the Church


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Our Welcome Team will be there on the door to give you one of our Service Booklets to guide you through the Service Format. Tea, Coffee and Biscuits are served after each of our services, so please don’t rush off after the Service has ended.