Weekly Challenge

This week we challenge you too…

No matter who we are, we all experience those moments or circumstances in life that can overwhelm us.                       

It can feel like we are being thrown around in the middle of a storm. The Bible says that Jesus wants to help.

  • Using a piece of tin foil, make a boat like structure.
  • Fill up a container with water and place your boat onto the water.
  • Make some waves in the water- these represent things that you find difficult or overwhelming, your own storm.
  • Remember that however big or small your storm is, Jesus loves you and has saved you!

Remember to take a photo of your masterpiece!

If you would like to have your photo uploaded onto our website, please send your photo to:


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We will do our best to upload them onto the website.

We’ve attached a grey squirrel photo for the challenge nature pic.

From the point of putting on a baffle over our birdfeeder this little chap only needed 15 minutes learning to get round it!


Hilary and Dick Rowberry