Coronavirus Volunteer Policy




In this Policy, “Volunteer” means anyone offering support to a Service User under the Local Community Action Volunteering (LCAV) Scheme; “Service User” means anyone receiving support from a Volunteer under the LCAV Scheme.

  1. This policy follows Government guidance. It will be reviewed daily for the duration of the Covid-19 outbreak and the implementation of the LCAV Scheme. This Policy will be amended immediately new guidance is issued and circulated to all Volunteers and Service Users via email. Volunteers and Service Users are required to follow Policy recommendations.
  1. Volunteers are asked to keep up-to-date with the latest Central Government public health information and follow this guidance, which supersedes this Policy in the event this Policy has not been updated:
  1. Volunteers and Service Users should share phone numbers and email addresses and communicate remotely
  1. If personal contact is unavoidable, keep at least two (2) metres (3 steps) away from one another, limit the time spent together to no more than fifteen (15) minutes maximum and where possible conduct your meeting in the open air and avoid indoor spaces.
  1. To avoid opportunists, Volunteers are asked to identify themselves to a Service User with official Identification (Driving Licence, or Passport) on their first visit. ID can be held up at a window if possible, or held up at a distance, by following the advice in paragraph 4 above. If Service Users are in any way unsure, they should advise the Volunteer to wait whilst they call the Parish Council to verify ID: 01403 820 737 or ask the Volunteer to return once they have received email confirmation from the Clerk. Legitimate LCAV Scheme Volunteers will be happy to wait, or return. Service Users should not hand over cash, or personal information if they are in any way concerned and are advised to call the Clerk.
  2. Volunteers and Service Users are expected to liaise directly with one another to ascertain the scope of the support required (shopping / electricity key / prescription collections etc). Volunteers are not obliged to do anything which makes them feel uncomfortable and are prohibited from any illegal activity.
  3. Volunteers should take care when visiting a Service Users home. It is recommended that a first visit is during day-light hours to observe access routes, steps, gates, potential trip hazards etc. Please consider using a torch at night. Service Users are asked to inform their Volunteer in advance of any dogs, or other pets, at the property and, wherever possible, are asked to keep dogs away from Volunteers attending the property.
  1. Volunteers unable to continue offering support under the LCAV Scheme should inform the Parish Clerk immediately. The Parish Council will endeavour to allocate a new Volunteer under this scheme.
  1. If a Volunteer or any member of a Volunteer’s household show Covid-19 symptoms then the Volunteer MUST cease all activity under the LCAV Scheme immediately and contact the Clerk. The Volunteer and their entire household should then self-isolate for fourteen (14) days. Please refer to point two (2) above. The symptoms are high temperature (37.8 degrees and above) and/or a new, continuous cough. Please read the Government’s Stay at Home guidance:
  1. Service Users are encouraged to create an emergency contact list and share with their Volunteer.
  1. Volunteer and Service Users are asked to arrange payment/reimbursement for shopping etc between themselves. However, those who use internet banking are encouraged to use this method. If a Service User is unwell (see paragraph 9 above for symptoms) they must not pay for goods with cash and use another remote method of payment. Additionally, the strong advice is to disinfect cash before it is handed between Volunteers and Service Users whenever possible.
  1. Service Users requiring prescription support will need to share some personal information with their Volunteer; this includes, full name, full address, full date of birth, type of medication and quantity to be collected. Service Users should email their Doctor’s Surgery to provide written consent for their Volunteer to collect medication. Service Users are encouraged to inform their GP, via telephone, of the arrangements in place and follow their medical centre’s advice.
  1. Deliveries should be left outside a Service User’s property. Please refer to paragraphs two (2) and four (4) above.
  1. Volunteers are expected to wash their hands regularly, following NHS guidance:
  1. Volunteers are encouraged to use hand sanitiser before and after contact with a Service Users’ property e.g. doorbell / knocker. Please also refer to paragraph twelve (14) above.
  1. By participating in this LCAV Scheme, Volunteers and Service Users understand and accept the risk of contracting Covid-19. Whilst this Policy follows Government’s public health guidance to minimise risk, all public contact carries risk which cannot be eliminated. Volunteers supporting Service Users within the community i.e. shopping, attending medical centres, using the Post Office etc will increase their risk of contracting Covid-19. Volunteers and Service Users participate in this LCAV Scheme at their own risk.
  1. Any Volunteer or Service User can opt out of the LCAV Scheme at any time by contacting the Clerk 01342 822404