Hire Charges for the Hall and Grounds

Hourly Charges:
Main Hall and Kitchen @ £12 per hour
Use of the Grounds @ £15 per hour

Daily Charges:
Main Hall and Kitchen @ £100 per day
Use of the Grounds @ £150 per day

Walls: Please do not hang any items on the walls or surfaces, without the prior consent of Revd Julie.

Cleaning: Please ensure the Hall is cleaned after each use and Covid-19 guidelines are maintained. Please disinfect areas used during use and leave the loo facilities clean and tidy and take any rubbish away with you. If the Hall and Grounds are not cleaned and left as they were found an additional cleaning charge will be added to the hiring bill. Please ensure that you follow all the Covid Guidelines to keep everyone safe.

To book, please contact Penny Dickens 01342 824276