Guidelines for the Safe use of the Hall

Names of those present must be taken for track and trace.

Those attending must not exceed 30.

Indoors masks use be worn and social distancing measures must be in place. Only six to a table with waitress service. At least 1 metre apart from each person present.

Handgel a every entrance and toilets cleaned regularly.

Masks to be worn throughout apart from when eating and drinking.

Social distancing and capacity

COVID-19 secure rules, including social distancing requirements, continue to apply in public venues.

Measures should be in place to ensure all users of community facilities to maintain social distancing and keep 2m apart from anyone who is not in their household or support bubble, or 1m with extra precautions in place (such as wearing face coverings).

You should consider and set out the mitigations to stop the spread of the virus. These may include:

  • if an enclosed area, owners and operators should identify an advisory limit on the maximum number of users able to use the community facility 
    move outdoors, where the activity allows
  • if indoors, make sure rooms have plenty of fresh air by keeping windows and doors open 
  • in indoor spaces, follow advice on wearing face coverings

The size and circumstance of the premises will determine the maximum number of people that can be accommodated while also facilitating social distancing. In defining the number of people that can reasonably follow 2 metres distancing (or 1 metre with risk mitigation), the total floorspace as well as likely pinch points and busy areas should be taken into account (e.g. entrances, exits) and where possible alternative or one-way routes introduced. 

Food and drink can be provided by a venue or caterer, whether indoors or outdoors. You may also provide your own food and drink but you should ensure actions are taken to reduce the risk of transmission.

When consuming food and drink, you should remain seated and take steps to minimise any risk of infection. You should not touch communal or shared objects, or handle items other than your own (for example, avoid the use of shared cutlery, dishes or service sheets).

For more information on providing food and drink, including important considerations on when table service is required, you should refer to the hospitality guidance.