Trinity Hall Notices

To all the Holy Trinity Hall Users.

With the Covid- 19 virus circulating, I am sure that there will be many groups that will not go ahead and will choose to not use the hall at this time.  

If you choose to go ahead and use the hall, please bring your own hand sanitizer etc for your group/ club/ event.  You need to be made aware, as I am sure you already are, that the hall is not cleaned after every use, which normally works fine.  I am unable to come into the Hall that regularly, and so please do wipe down surfaces etc that your group may be using. So we will have to say that using the hall is at your own risk, understandably.

If you could please let me know if you will not be using the hall, just for our records,  You can do this by email  or leave a message. tel 01892770436

Many thanks again for your continued support of the hall and sorry for the generic email, but as I am sure you can imagine, I have a lot of people to contact.
Kindest Regards and wishing you all good health.

Rev Julie Sear