Update from our Away Day 2021

A brief update on our discussions from our Vision morning with Canon Rev Rob Dillingham.

It has become clear that all of us are needed to keep the future of Holy Trinity moving forward in our worship and our outreach to the community.

It was agreed we would continue with our current pattern of services.
1st Sunday 11am Matins
6.30pm Choral Evensong
2nd Sunday 11am Holy Communion BCP
3rd Sunday 11am Matins
4th Sunday Holy Communion.

We would include a short ‘happening’ for the children present in the service and a Bible story to match the theme of the service. In the future, the children could be invited to help with festivals, collection plate and leading us in prayers.

It was felt we need to re-build our welcome teams for each service.

This would involve arriving at about 10.30am to make sure the church was ready for the service. Set up the coffee and be ready to welcome people at the door.

Welcome badges are being sought. Please let Rev Julie know if you would be able to help in this way.

The church is closed in the week. It was felt the church could be open for the community every day. This would require a few security changes in the church and a team of people willing to open up, switch on a light and put out the ‘we are open sign’. As the PCC felt they could not help put together a rota. This has not been agreed until we have a team.

Please let me know if you feel this is something you could offer to do.

A plan for the year with dates of the services and any concerts etc will be put up in the porch for everyone to view. The website is regularly updated.

It was felt we were very blessed with the size of the church and the provision of the hall and grounds. With all of this comes responsibility and care.

We would like to hold events more regularly in the church and the hall. We have a wonderful online calendar and the grounds are very well kept. To grow this area of community and church life, will require co-ordination. This is not something our current team feel able to do every week.

The Trinity café team have made a huge difference to our visibility. People come from far and wide to enjoy the cake, the coffee and the friendship. The same team oversees other events such as The Vintage Fete and more recently The Art Sale. More people are needed to help.

If we are to grow this area of ministry, it was felt we should first of all ask someone to put together a viable package for us in terms of events, costings, car parking, people and advertising. We have approached someone local to ask them to prepare us the equivalent of a job description. We then hope to advertise for an operations manager to oversee all aspects of activities working with the existing teams and drawing others in to help. This would be a part time role on a week by week basis. This does not take away the areas of service required from the congregation for our Sunday worship.

As part of this future planning of events. The PCC have agreed to look at the tarmacking of the entrance and forecourt of the church. The hall has already had plans for putting in a bi-fold door to the outside with steps and a ramp for all to enjoy out on the grass terrace.

We have a meeting arranged with the Architect to re-visit the plans that have already been approved but might need adjusting. We also felt new lighting was important, especially as the area from the hall to the church was often very dark.

Please speak to Donald if you have any questions about our finances.

A few additional comments; A huge thanks to Roger and Rosalind Cowsill and the team who have been carrying out important work on the bells. Much of the money for the cost of this work was given by Rosalind and Roger in memory of David Hill. The hope is for the bells to be ready for a quarter peal on the 7th November. A special Choral Evensong service will be held to remember David and Nancy.

To give thanks for the bells and the works carried out. I hope you will put this date in your diary. 6.30pm.

The choir has grown in recent weeks which has made a huge difference to our Choral Evensong and funerals and
weddings. Thank you to Angela for all her work with the choir. It was agreed our joint services should be at 10am.

All our festival services need to be better advertised. More help with parking is required. I will continue to update the congregation on any other developments. Rev Julie