Colemans Hatch Show

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Coleman’s Hatch Horticultural Society
C/O Forest House Coleman’s Hatch Hartfield
East Sussex TN7 4EQ

Secretary Lorna Duggleby
5th June 2020


Following a decision by the Committee to await until the 28th May to afford every opportunity to be exhausted, including a written request to our local MP Nus Ghani for clarification on how best our show or adaptation might take place in the light of Health Protection Regulations and Government Guidelines, to which no response has regrettably been forthcoming, but understandable in view of her caseload, combined with the sad news of Ashdown House Preparatory School falling victim to the Covid 19 Virus outbreak with much reduced interest in educational needs by parents and having to close operations from September, we were faced with holding an outdoor event exceedingly cumbersome to operate in relation to available staffing procedures originally envisaged.

A conclusion of any form of originally or adapted show being held or even postponed for the future, is now recognised as being totally impossible to undertake.

For those who have kindly supported this year’s show by way of advertising, space bookings etc. they will be fully reimbursed upon request, unless a wish to donate any such sums for our continued well being and operation is expressed.

Kit Eustace
Coleman’s Hatch Horticultural Society